Leadership and service travel seminar, short term study and volunteer program for high school students

About the program: This travel seminar emphasizes getting beyond classroom walls and learning about Central Europe’s modern history and culture as well as recent transitions and dynamic economies.

Levels Grades: 15 years old and up.

When: end of June-July

Program Curriculum: During this intellectually challenging travel seminar, participants learn about influential leaders of Central Europe, Lech Walesa, Vaclaw Havel, John Paul II, and their roles in the democratic transformation of Central Europe. Students will meet with think tanks, ministers, and locals as they all explain their experiences and stories to help them have a comprehensive understanding of the difficulties their specific region or city has faced historically or in the present. The rigorous curriculum will be enhanced with activities that include several cultural and historical excursions to Warsaw, Gdańsk, Krakow, Prague, and Berlin. The tours give students a better understanding of the European Union, Modern European History, Economic Development as well as Pop Culture. Participants have a chance to visit museums and cultural sites often known from popular films and novels. This program will be complimented by several cultural events and lectures featuring artists and intellectuals from Central Europe.

Leadership and Service: During their stay in Poland students go through the leadership program, where they set goals with their trip leader in the beginning and work throughout the experience to identify strengths and develop new leadership skills. Together with the group leaders they discuss their progression and get advice and feedback. Our young leaders are involved in a variety of volunteer and service learning projects which helps them engage directly with the communities they visit through hands on activities, including interaction with Polish youth. When in Poland, students participate and complete 40-50 hours of community service. Service projects are specifically designed to connect our students with European youth and to understand the contemporary society. There is a mix of both physical and social service projects students will partake in (teaching English to children, introducing Polish youth to American or your native culture; or assisting with cultural festivals).

*If student’s schools have a community service requirement for graduation, this is a great chance to complete all those hours while enjoying the time spent doing it.

Location: Poland, Central Europe. Our base is in Wrocław (known as Breslau), a beautiful and booming city, selected for European Capital of Culture 2016, located between Berlin, Prague, and Warsaw. The location allows us for trips to other regions of Poland as well as to Germany and Czech Republic.

Housing: College and university campus when in Wroclaw. Double bedrooms, shared bathrooms, a kitchen and a common room. Tourist hotels 2 and 3 stars double or triple bedrooms with a private bathroom when in other regions in Poland as well as in Germany and Czech Republic. Program director and travel seminar leaders are on site 24/7.

Meals: Breakfast, lunch and dinner provided.

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