Are you looking for a valuable experience outside a traditional academic setting? Interested in living and learning in the center of European Union? Consider Poland, one of the fastest developing countries in Central Europe, an attractive market to some largest global companies including Google, Amazon, HP, Toyota, Dell, Nokia-Siemens, Berlitz, and more.

We offer customized internship placement in your career field: medical research, bio tech, health care, international business, IT, finance, communication, international relations, PR and marketing, sports management, hospitality, education, arts, media, graphic design, non profits and more.

About the program: This 4-12 week exciting internship program will give you an incredible opportunity to learn from professionals, develop new skills, understand culture and politics of European Union, and most of all put your knowledge to action. You will have time to explore Warsaw, Krakow, Wroclaw, and Gdansk, some of the most beautiful cities in Poland. Central location of our host companies and organizations allows you for additional independent weekend trips to Germany, Austria, Hungary, or Czech Republic.


  • Customized internship placement in leading European and global companies or non-profit organizations.
  • Your opportunity for excellent networking!
  • Gain valuable work experience and increase your international knowledge to help your career in today’s competitive job market.
  • Make your resume stand out!
  • Travel independently! Central location allows you for easy “weekend get-away” to other European countries.
  • Earn academic credits towards your degree!

Through our internship program students have the opportunity to broaden their knowledge of the European business world, international relations, government, and enhance their resumes with a true multicultural experience in Poland.

When: Flexible dates throughout the year; minimum stay is 4 weeks.

Where: City of Wroclaw, Gdansk, Krakow, Warsaw, Poland

Housing: variety: apartments, rooms, or and an option: homestay in exchange for English lessons for the hosts and their children

Arrival Airport and Assimilation into the City:  WRO, WAW, KRK, GDN. We guarantee pick up from the airport, introduction to the employer, an orientation  along with a tour of the city and an introduction to the transportation options.
Fees and Availability: Please contact us for details. Costs will differ depending on the length of the program and preference of accommodation.

*If interested in earning college credits students should seek pre-approval from their home institution before signing up for the program. In the past college credits were granted for community service, field learning experience, independent studies, innovative project, summer study abroad or an internship. We will make every effort to match your institution’s requirements.

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