About the Program: Are you interested in gaining academic credit while experiencing the rich culture of Wrocław, Poland? Join our Summer Business School program and spend your time gaining practical knowledge in the fields of entrepreneurship, business, and global management in Central Europe. Not only will you study and live with students from around the world, but you will also have the opportunity to combine studies with cultural outings, amazing sightseeing spots, and weekend trips!

Levels/Grades: College undergraduates and postgraduate students. Students studying economics, business, international relations, communication, global marketing, entrepreneur-ship or any related field are encouraged to apply. Students must be 18 years of age and should demonstrate strong leadership skills, as well as possess the desire to expand cultural understandings.

When: this short term study program usually takes place during the first 2 weeks in July, exact dates TBD

Program Curriculum: Our program focuses on business, entrepreneurship, and global management. Not only will you be able to study among students from all over the world, but you will also be able to experience hands-on learning through visiting global companies and meeting with successful managers and entrepreneurs.

Through this experience, you will be given the privilege to build professional connections and gain valuable business perspective while also expanding your cultural horizons. Your free time can be spent participating in various social and cultural events around Wroclaw or visiting other parts of Poland and Central Europe. Discover why Wroclaw became “European Capital of Culture” in 2016. Visit the famous Wroclaw Fountain, with water projecting up to 40 meters high and accompanied music and laser lights. Spend a day spotting all of the gnome statues scattered around Wroclaw. Try pierogi—a yummy traditional Polish food—in historic Market Square. Take a weekend trip Krakow to further expand your cultural horizons. Poland has something for everyone; your time here will certainly be action-packed and culturally eye opening! However you decide to spend your time, our Summer Business School program will enhance the diversity of your academic and cultural experiences.

Official Language: English (all academic courses are thought in English); Polish

Highlights of the Program:

• Earn up to 4 credits while broadening your academic experience
• Study with students from Europe and around the world
• Visit global companies and start ups; Google, HP, Amazon, and more
• Get practical knowledge from successful managers and entrepreneurs
• Visit Krakow, and Auschwitz
• Try pierogi in Wroclaw’s historical Market Square
• Check out the amazing water and light show at the Wroclaw Fountain
• Extend your stay in Poland and visit Warsaw, the capital, and the home of Google campus.

Where: University of Economics, Wrocław, Poland. Wrocław is one of the leading academic centers of Poland and is home to a number of universities. Students come to Wrocław not only because of the excellent standard of education it offers, but also because of its vibrant, cultured way of life. During your time here, we will provide you with every opportunity to experience the vibrant energy and student atmosphere of the city, while gaining academic credit and valuable experience in business and global management.

Housing: College and university campus when in Wroclaw. Double bedrooms with a bathroom, a kitchen and a common room. Tourist hotels 2 and 3 stars double or triple bedrooms with a private bathroom or college campus residence when in Krakow.

Meals: Breakfast, and lunch provided.

Arrival Airport: WRO

Internship Extension: If you want to extend your stay in Poland after you finish studying, there are opportunities available for you to undertake an internship within the business field. We will work with you in advance to place you at a company that matches your career goals and personal interests. During your internship, you will be able to build valuable professional connections and expand your work experience. As always, you may spend your free time exploring the magical landscapes and immersing yourself in the beauty of Poland.

Fees and Availability: Please contact us for details on pricing.

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