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One of Europe’s most complex yet appealing destinations, Poland is a modern, vibrant and progressive nation with a strong cultural and historical background. In Poland, we will give you the chance to truly engage in Polish social and cultural life by conversing with local students over a welcoming meal, by teaching English to youth at summer camps, or by volunteering at one of the many festivals and international conferences. Visit in and around Polish cities, where the hustle and bustle of modern life is alive and well. Explore the magnificent landscapes, and immerse yourself in all the beauty of Poland.

About the program: This is your opportunity to volunteer in the heart of Europe. With its historic landmarks and exquisite scenery, Polish cities are an exceptional example of European sophistication. When visiting Gdańsk, Kraków, Warsaw or Wrocław you will experience some of the most unique architecture in the world, perfectly integrated into the natural beauty of its surroundings. During your free weekends, you will have the luxury of travelling to neighboring countries. Enhance your experience by visiting Germany to wander the historic streets of Berlin and Dresden, or marvel at the architecture of Prague, Czech Republic. Wherever you choose to pass your days, travel around Europe is efficient and relatively inexpensive, making adventure highly accessible to students.

Levels Grades: College sophomores, juniors, seniors, and graduate students. Students of all majors can take part in this summer program in Poland as it presents varied learning and volunteering opportunities. Whether you are in education, communications, marketing, history, political science or any other major, the field of opportunity for growth in Poland is vast. You will solidify your understanding of our rapidly growing world, and begin to recognize the impact of your own presence in a global context. Students must be at least 18 years old, be mature and well organized with a passion for teaching and learning.

Program Curriculum: Participants of this experiential learning program earn American university credit* while engaging in Polish life through a variety of cultural and social events. Through the summer youth camps you will assist professional teachers and camp directors with everyday activities. You will gain a professional experience on how to operate a successful summer camp, improve your leadership and team building skills.

While you are a student of Polish society, you will also have the pleasure of being a teacher of American ways of life. Whether by tutoring the children of your host family in English, or representing American culture at summer camps, you will be an active participant, continually giving back to the community. This task will benefit your communication skills, and give you the experience you need to be an effective citizen of our increasingly global society. Societal integration also brings with it the chance to make lifelong friends. Students will bond as they work together, make difference in the community and experience everyday life in their new destination.

Official Language: Polish; English and German are popular second languages, especially among young people

Highlights of the programs:
• Engage creatively, intellectually and socially and learn new skills directly from professionals
• Gain international experience of living and teaching abroad
• Volunteer teaching English and introduce American culture to children in Poland
• Assist with cultural festivals in Wrocław, one of the most vibrant cities in Central Europe
• Conduct interactive research and work on your independent project
• Live with other Polish counselors at summer camp or with Polish families in large cities and immerse yourself in Polish culture
• Learn to cook Polish food!
• Hike Polish mountains or swim in Baltic and get inspired by the beauty and peace
• Explore architecture of Wrocław, Gdańsk, Warsaw, Krakow and go to nearby Auschwitz
• Take a train to Berlin, Dresden, Prague to discover neighboring countries

You can select or combine the programs below:

English, Spanish, or Japanese teacher volunteer at summer camps

When: End of June – end of August. Dates and the duration of your stay could be flexible based on previous arrangements, minimum commitment: 3 weeks at one site.

What: Assist teachers and camp directors with everyday summer camp activities, teach English to children and lead workshops on American culture for Polish kids.

Where: Various locations in Poland, usually small towns in summer destinations, Tatra Mountains, Mazury Lakes, or Baltic Sea Coast.

Housing: Summer camp hotels, shared room with another staff member

Meals: Full board

Arrival airport: please ask, depends on the start date of the program, could be WAW, GDN, KRK

Testimonials: “The best part of the camp, I think, is the feeling of pride I came away with after seeing the kids from my group speak English. We had to perform a skit, and as soon as I broke the news they all rushed to the costume room and starting acting it out, asking me for clarification on certain words. I barely had to do anything to help out, and my language group had one of the best presentations of them all–all in English!” – Patrick, 21

Cultural Assistant at festivals and conferences

When: Flexible dates: May-August

What: Assist with preparation, promotional campaigne and coordination of top cultural festivals in the city: Simcha, a Jewish Culture Festival in Wrocław, Europe on a Fork, an European Culinary Festival, or Dni Wrocławia, a city cultural event, International Theatre Festival of Grotowski Institute, plus attend other cultural events in the city,concerts, visit museums and galleries

Where: Wrocław, city selected for European Capital of Culture 2016

Housing: Homestay, may share a room with another assistant

Meals: Breakfast and some dinners

Arrival airport: WRO

Fees and availability: Please contact us for details. Spaces in the program are limited and applications are considered on a rolling basis. Full and partial scholarships for most qualified (and earliest) applicants!

*If interested in earning college credits students should seek pre-approval from their home institution before signing up for the program. In the past college credits were granted for community service, field learning experience, independent studies, innovative projects, summer study abroad or an internship. We will make every effort to match your institution’s requirements.

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