Are you interested in developing your career goals while broadening your cultural understanding of one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world? Join our Shanghai program and be guaranteed an internship or professional placement while also being immersed in a rich culture!

About the program: As the largest city in China, Shanghai is known as a commercial, financial, and economic powerhouse. There are few cities more spirited and fascinating, with people always up on the current trends, technology, and fashion. During your time here, we will provide you with every opportunity to dive into the action and energy of Shanghai culture, while gaining work or teaching experience in your chosen field. Shanghai has something for everyone and we are committed to finding you a match that supports your academic and career goals.

Spend your time off immersing yourself in the rich culture of Shanghai or engaging in exciting sightseeing opportunities. Take a boat tour on the Yangtze River. Shop ‘til you drop on the world-famous Nanjing Road. Relax in the bamboo forests of Moganshan or take a day trip to a historic water town and sip famous Long Jing Tea. However you choose to spend your time, you will never run out of beautiful sights or things to do in Shanghai.

Levels Grades: College undergraduate and postgraduate students. Students of all majors are eligible to take part in this program, as Shanghai offers opportunities in a variety of fields. If pursuing an Education placement, previous experience with children or teaching is recommended. Students must be 18 years of age and should demonstrate strong leadership skills, as well as possess the desire to expand cultural understandings.

Program Curriculum: Based in Shanghai, this experiential learning program will give you the opportunity to undertake an internship in your chosen field, while building professional connections and expanding your work experience. While there is an emphasis on internship placements in the fields of business, international trade, marketing and sales, and education, internship placement can be found in most, if not all, fields. Our direct contacts, for example, currently include potential employers from various fields, such as automotive, machinery, hospital, medical equipment, multimedia, fashion, finances and banking, legal services, textile, architecture, hotels and tourism, advertising, software, education, aviation, aerospace, etc. Our offers are not limited to any field; we are committed to helping you find your perfect match.

If you are an English or Education major, you can spend your time engaging in Shanghai’s large net of foreign language schools, thereby expanding your pedagogical knowledge and experience. Not only will you be immersed in a highly unique system of education, but you will also be given the privilege of teaching English as a Foreign Language and develop teaching materials. This will provide you with further work experience while also promoting an unmatched experiential and cultural learning opportunity.

Official Language: Chinese; English; German

Highlights of the Program:
• Gain international experience living and working abroad while building professional connections
• Familiarize yourself with the Shanghai education system, teachers, and students
• Partake in the fast-paced action of Shanghai, while being exposed to a new culture
• Immerse yourself in Chinese culture through the homestay experience
• Take a speed train journey to the ancient city Suzhou, made up of canals and picturesque gardens and waterways
• Eat traditional Shanghai dumplings
• Visit the Jade Buddha Temple, with incredible sculpted Buddhas
• Attend an evening acrobatics show and watch traditional Chinese acrobats fly through the air
• Take a sunset cruise on the Huangpu River
• Learn and practice your Mandarin

When: Flexible dates throughout the year; minimum stay is 6 weeks.

Where: City of Shanghai, China

Housing: Option for homestay in exchange for English lessons for the hosts and their children or shared apartments with other college-aged interns or young business people.

Arrival Airport and Assimilation into the City: Shanghai Pudong International Airport. We guarantee pick up from the airport, introduction to the employer, an orientation (covering cultural aspects and basic Mandarin) along with a tour of the city of Shanghai and an introduction to the transportation options.

Fees and Availability: Please contact us for details. Costs will differ depending on the length of the program and preference of accommodation.

*If interested in earning college credits students should seek pre-approval from their home institution before signing up for the program. In the past college credits were granted for community service, field learning experience, independent studies, innovative project, summer study abroad or an internship. We will make every effort to match your institution’s requirements.

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