Whether your interest lies in art, music, culture, nature or history, Europe holds the key to your discovery. Home to some of the greatest creations in history, Europe has something for everyone, and it is all more accessible than you think.

We all have dreams of packing our things and flying over the sea to lose our way on ancient cobbled stone streets, hike mountain ranges, sit on foreign sands and breathe the fresh air of a new land. So often however, we give up the dream as unattainable, because as we get older and our responsibilities pile up, it gets harder and harder to get away. The greatest opportunity you will ever have to travel is right now. While you are still in school, we strive to bring you the chance to experience the breathtaking beauty of Europe on a budget. We bring you the chance to volunteer, intern, take classes, and even earn course credit abroad.

So whether your ambition involves exploring the world’s greatest museums, soaking up culture in an open-air café, or immersing yourself in community service, we will present you with every opportunity to expand your world.

Explore the rich and vibrant culture of Central Europe through any one of our groundbreaking programs.
We offer opportunities to travel, volunteer, intern, teach, and learn in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic and Poland.

Any time you visit somewhere new, make new friends and experience a different and fresh culture, not only have you learned about your new destination but also, crucially, about yourself. The experience and knowledge you gain from travel is simply priceless!

Let us lead you on your path to college success… and beyond.

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