After twenty years of working both within the Tourism Industry and the Educational Administration, we decided to combine these experiences with our passion for travel, teaching, for leading study sessions as well as active cultural exploration.

We strongly believe that education through travel is the key to success in today’s global environment. Our goal is to help and guide young people who are ready to discover new places and live away from home, whether it’s just for two weeks or an entire year; to become self-confident, effective leaders and responsible citizens. Life experience is the great teacher, better preparing anyone and everyone for overall college success and the demands of life beyond Academia.

Hungry minds will devour the opportunity to visit new places, of enhancing their cultural understanding, improving language skills, volunteering, enjoying sight-seeing and experiencing the full immersion of everyday life in a different community.

This is why we offer educational and recreational programs on the East Coast of the United States as well as experiential learning and volunteer opportunities in Central Europe, carefully designed for young international travelers.

Any time you visit somewhere new, make new friends and experience a different and fresh culture, not only have you learned about your new destination but also, crucially, about yourself. The experience and knowledge you gain from travel is simply priceless!

Let us lead you on your path to college success… and beyond.

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