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Would you like to get a taste of a Liberal Arts Education in the United States, be able to chose your courses and to create a mini-major over the period of three weeks? If you also are looking to improve your creative writing skills, become an effective communicator and presenter, then you should apply for Ultimate Pre-College Experience.

For motivated international students who want to improve their English and learn more about American History and Culture, we recommend our exclusively designed American English and Culture. This program  is also great for students who are thinking about pursuing their education in one of the private, college prep high schools in the United States.

Students of both programs will participate in a variety of workshops and presentations, utilizing the Higher Education system of the U.S., while learning about the application process and admissions criteria. This will provide invaluable help when selecting the right school to apply to, as well as the program’s campus visits to regional colleges and universities.

Would you like to extend your summer experience and travel with us along the East Coast? Make sure you sign up in advance for our Grand Tour of East Coast. You will visit some of the most cosmopolitan, yet historical cities, prestigious colleges and universities as well as all the best tourist attractions!

To ensure you have some fun this summer and really see all that New England has to offer, we have a lot of social activities and field trips planned for you! We will visit Boston, swim in Atlantic Ocean and sunbath on the beach along the wonderful Connecticut shoreline… and scream when riding the state’s best rollercoaster at Six Flags!