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Discounts and Scholarships

At TRAVELNSTUDY we strongly believe that traveling abroad can be the most beneficial time of your life; and we do our best to make it affordable for everyone.

We introduce following ways to reduce your cost of traveling abroad:

Early Birds Special: apply by December 15 and receive $100 off any summer abroad program!

Friend Discount: $100 off the Full Program Cost

When you refer another student to travel abroad with you, you will receive additional $100 off the program fee, plus $100 more for each additional referred student. At the same time, each of your friends will receive $100 off, plus $100 off more if they in turn refer a friend.

If you refer one friend,you receive $100 off the program fee; for referring two friends – $200 off.Travel abroad with three of your friends and get $300 off in addition to any other discounts or scholarships! There is no limit on how many friends you can refer, and the savings can add up fast!

Summer Volunteer Scholarship: To apply for summer scholarship, students must meet a minimum GPA requirement and answer a scholarship question with an essay 1-2 pages long. Scholarship applications can be submitted online, followed by at least one recommendation letter (preferred 2) from your professor, academic adviser, coach, or employer emailed directly to

Scholarship funds will be applied towards tuition and will be reflected on final invoice.

Summer volunteer scholarship:  Amount: $100-$500    Minimum GPA: 2.50

Scholarship Question:  Describe why you chose to travel abroad and volunteer with us this summer and what you plan to achieve while abroad. Evaluate your study abroad budget by providing specific numbers for your anticipated resources and expenses.

Scholarship Application Deadline: March 1st

Student Ambassador Internship Program: As a Student Ambassador you have an opportunity to work for TravelNStudy and in exchange earn tuition reduction scholarship for our US or European program up to $1,200. If you are an active student at your school,  with an entrepreneurial spirit, motivated to travel abroad, you should consider applying for this program. We are looking for Student Ambassadors who can assist us in one or more of the following areas: customer service, marketing, journalism, management, photography, public relations, social media, travel and tourism, travel writing, video and film, IT and web design.

There are 15-weeks fall and spring semester internships offered without geographic restriction and with flexible hours. You may also receive college credits from your home institution for your internship.

You can apply online by submitting your resume, short statement or a cover letter emphasizing your special knowledge and skills you have that will contribute to the success of your Student Ambassador internship. One recommendation letter from your professor or employer should be emailed directly to